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  1. I can confirm that switching to English as my primary language and restarting Evernote allows Descriptive Search to work for me.
  2. I've had some interaction with Evernote support over the last few days through the ticket I posted. After trying several steps to resolve the problem, including deleting and reinstalling Evernote and sending a screen capture video of the problem, they have come to the conclusion this is due to a bug in the current version. A bug report has been filed and this will hopefully be resolved in an upcoming release. If I hear any more from them I will post an update here.
  3. No, I don't see that either. Descriptive search seems to be completely disabled, I don't see it with any search terms.
  4. Scott, Thanks for the feedback. It's encouraging I'm not doing anything wrong. I've tried restarting Evernote and signing out of my account and back in again, with no change. Am I likely to get a response from Evernote on this forum (my first posting) or do I need to file a support request? Tim
  5. I am running Evernote 5.5 (402491 Direct) on Mac OS X 10.9.1 and have been trying to get the new descriptive search feature to work. I have tried various searches using the syntax described in the blog post and each time get no results and none of the "Are you searching for" suggestions shown. Instead the search highlights notes/content containing text in the search string and the search pop-up shows only "Search suggestions appear here" - see attachment. Are any configuration steps needed to make this feature work? Thanks!
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