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  1. 11/15 is a long time for a large company to not have put out any updates. Also, the last tweet from @ENScannable was a year ago.
  2. Just wondering if this product has any engineers assigned to it, or is it completely dead? It was a great app, but has become quite buggy lately. The unfortunate thing is, it's the only way to use my expensive Evernote scanner (apart from installing the ScanSnap software of my laptop, but that software is even worse! Does anyone with a scanner have another workflow they use? I wish I could just use it on my Mac (or a working app), wirelessly, without the stupid software. ?
  3. Looks like this is fixed after a reinstall. Thanks @kgg!
  4. Well I suppose it's good it's just me. I am on El Capitan. Let me try reinstalling.
  5. This is super annoying and has been an issue for quite some time. When taking a screenshot with the app closed, taking a screenshot brings up the grid of previous screenshots and loses the screenshot that was just captured. Steps to reproduce Close the app (but keep Skitch helper running) Take a screenshot with either the hotkeys or Skitch helper menu action Cry and retake the screenshot. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Is anyone else experiencing this? Animated GIF
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