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  1. +1 on links to tags (or searches) here as well. Would be a super "power-user" feature!
  2. I totally 1+++++ this. This is perhaps the #1 thing in Evernote that drives me CRAZY CRAZY!! Buggy, buggy outlining. I definitely don't buy the "use another program" / "duck" answer. I totally get that Evernote isn't supposed to be a word processor, however: it should be able to create simple bulletted lists without breaking. Outlining is critical to task organization, which is one of Evernote's strongest use-cases. For example, I use Evernote note links very extensively to organize my scuttled-away thoughts. Put one of those suckers at the end of a line in a simple bulletted list and, BAM, list broken. It stops "bulletting" on the next line. Outlining is one of 8 very simple Word Processing items listed in a note's toolbar (bold, italic, underline, BULLETTED LIST), but use it for 2 minutes and you'll agree it just flat doesn't work right. Please give the outlining some simple TLC. I don't want to write a table of contents. I just want to indent and make a simple list here and there. Using Windows client, BTW. And this back and forth with Evernote apologists is crazy and pointless. Of course people here don't get how much actual work is involved in "fixing" EN's outlining. They are not developers or project managers. they are users. Passionate enough users that they take a minute out of their day to "complain" as you put it. I work in software. People's "Complaints" are our bread and butter. For every user that we're lucky enough to have write on our product's forum that something is wrong, you better bet there are 100 others out there who just curse under their breath, and we never know it. So no need to get defensive...we're not saying that Evernote sucks, we're saying we LOVE it enough to rant about it. And please fix the bullets.
  3. I want to clarify - recurrent reminders would be great, but what I'm looking for is the ability to "snooze" a reminder. E.G. when I get the reminder email, if I could hit "Reply" and email back a typed out date and time in standard format, it would reset the reminder with that date/time. Or something like that. That would be the bo-dizzle.
  4. +1 Yes, Please!! Disappointingly, I haven't really been able to use Evernote Reminders as they lack this important feature. Serial procrastinator here.
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