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  1. NOPE! If you do changes in the WEB you are SOL. There is no UNDO in most instances. I tried several scenarios and NOTHING worked. Roght clicking did NOT have UNDO selectable. Does not do it in ANY operating system I tried. And the UNDO keyboard shortcuts did NOTHING! I guess Evernote expects you to be PERFECT if you use the web interface.
  2. I could not find a way to UNDO on the web. But the changes I had were minor so I immediately (and without touching the WEB computer other than by flippinf off the WiFi card). I went to my phone and put in AIRPLANE MODE and then started Evernote: change made some changes and save. Did this again 5 minutes later then place everything back into the network (WiFi ON. AIRPLANE mode OFF) then when I resync it gave me a conflict error I removed the "screwed up" note. But yes, it is hard to believe that a software with so many revisions and in 2014 does not have UNDO. I do not care if there is UNDO on certain versions. This alone have made me look for another program IMMEDIATELY. I do not need to find out what other obvious feature is missing when I need it.
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