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  1. I've been using evernote since many years and it's become sort of an integral part of my life now. I am a writer so you can imagine how important it is for me. Since the last few days, I have lost 4 important notes, part of my book, from evernote without a clue and without any warnings. The 1st time it happened, I was aghast....because I often write at any hour whenever inspiration strikes me and been doing this for years and evernote always flawlessly synced my mac to my iPad to my android phone, never had any issue. But out of the blue, suddenly, I had an entire chapter missing. I synced, the way i always did, but the sync didn't seem to effect anything on the ipad. I thought maybe they have introduced a cron job sort of queue and it will eventually happen. But the next day it went missing from the mac too. I checked the web, now that told me an entirely different story. Evernote on my mac, ipad and web seem to be existing in totally different worlds. None of them would reflect even the formatting changes or the sequence of notes (sorted by last modified) similarly. The web version didn't even SHOW the note i have been working on since the last MONTH in the notes list. And yes, it did say 'last synced 2 days back'. I checked on the forums and found many people have been facing this issue with almost no satisfactory responses from the support staff. Just users discussing with each other mostly irrelevant stuff, older users trying to talk ***** to new users about how to post in the forums and posting manners and all but no real solution. Mostly egoistic *****. I read about a few users raising support ticket and getting replies like "sorry for the inconvenience", and suggestions of some things (which I was doing right anyway) for future notes. But no way to recover the notes they have lost. Basically I saw a lot of incoherent replies with an underlying tone that there's nothing wrong with evernote, and the users must be doing something wrong, without specifying what. Typical response of an app developer when they've got millions of users and a few of them facing issues doesn't really matter to them, or their numbers. I am hereby concluding that evernote does have a bug or an issue which they haven't acknowledged or informed about and it's become an unreliable app to use if you value your ideas and notes. When I lost my notes, and I've checked everywhere, on all platforms, they are truly gone, there was absolutely no warning, no indication, no alert about any sync not happening, note not being saved etc etc. which is quite bad. I guess it's time to find an alternative. As a writer, there's nothing more important to me than the ideas that note down assuming they will be there when i wake up the next morning. If I cannot have that basic assurance, it's an app not worth looking at. It was good while it lasted.
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