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  1. Same problem here. The “&” gets converted to “&amp” or “&amp”. And sometimes the Double-Slash gets converted to a Triple-Slash. I am running the Prerelease.
  2. Dear Tiggr, thanks again for the script! I was wondering if you have ever thought about the opposite direction: to convert a KML-File into an ENEX-File. That could then be imported into Evernote and one would automatically have one note per place (including the GPS-Data) ready to be edited. Best regards, Niels
  3. I found this solution: in EN I search for all notes that are relevant for my trip and that have GPS Coordinates. I then export these notes into an ENEX file and use a script that a genius by the name of Tiggr has programmed (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31155-export-places-to-kml/) to extract the GPS data into a KML-File. That I can then import into Google Maps or whatever other application or App you may prefer. This may sound a little bit complicated but once everything is set up properly it works great. Nevertheless I am hoping that Evernote will add some more capabilities to their Atlas or just add the feature to display a selection of notes on a map.
  4. Thanks, simple but works well! I just installed version and the bug is still not fixed. :-(
  5. Please try my (updated) workaround: This at least works until the bigger area for adding tags gets too small as well. Thanks, your workaround is defintely better than using the app...
  6. I am having the exact same problem. Unfortunately, the problem still exists in the newest version Evernote for Windows RC. The only workaround I found is to use the App to add multiple tags to a note. Not the most elegant solution...
  7. Dear Tiggr, thanks for the script! It works great and solves a "problem" I had. I am running it on Windows using ActivePerl. The only thing I had to do was to install something called XML-LibXML. Best regards, Niels
  8. I am having the same problem. Filtering the notes that Atlas is displaying seems to be a rather obious feature that would be much appreciated!
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