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  1. Long discussed, I know, but I would love to have shared notebooks be more collaborative: specifically, let someone with whom a notebook is shared add (and yes, delete) tags. Currently if I share with someone, they add a line at the beginning "Tag with: " and their requested tag. But...then they can't create tag hierarchies (also unavailable more than 1 deep with notebooks) and their tags list is ugly. My tags have the <<TAG>>plus my user ID. If they share a notebook or note with me, tagged with something I already have a tag for, another tag is created. Example: I share my Kenneth Waltz notes tagged: Waltz, realism to them, and they share their John Mearsheimer notes tagged: Mearsheimer, realism, I have now four tags: Waltz, realism, Mearsheimer<<ID>> and realism <<ID>> and no way to organize them (EG: put both Waltz and Mearsheimer under 'realism') and neither do they. Nor can we create a shared notebook (IR Theories) and subfolders (Realism, Liberalism, etc) and sub-subs (Waltz writings, Mearsheimer writings, etc).
  2. Yes, that works, but I am lazy and EN is cool. That is what I currently do (save/add) but would prefer to make it fewer clicks.
  3. When I am looking at academic research, and I find an article addressing a previous article/book, and through JSTOR or other, I open the PDF, my only option is to save it as a new note in a notebook. I'd like the option to save it as an additional PDF in an already existing note.
  4. A similar help would be a 'format paintbrush' type feature (like in Word or Google Docs) where you can set text size, color, etc and then 'paint' other text with that format.
  5. This is starting to get frustrating. I am sharing research and info with other students, which leads to a lot of shared notes and tags. We use the work around that the owner creates tags for everyone, but here is where it gets painful: the tag hierarchy. I have about 200 authors on about 35 topics in my 3000ish notes. When someone shares with me their research, I cannot add their tags into my hierarchy, and they cannot add mine to theirs, even if we have the same tags! Instead I have a single layer list of unorganized tags with their user name appended on the end, and no way to pile them into categories like "author," "theory," or "research" etc. If evernote is about sharing and collaboration, this seems like something that should be fixed.
  6. I only have about 3200 notes in about 220 notebooks, and am usually only working on one or two at a time, so it shouldn't be overtasking my SSD. It usually happens when I am in class, so I can't really wait 5 minutes since I am taking notes. After about 1 I just close and restart it.
  7. I have found a few issues with this release. 1)When typing in a note (either in preview mode or when the note is opened separately), the note automatically scrolls so I am always typing in the bottom 1/3 of the screen. If I scroll up so I am typing higher, each time I add a new line, it scrolls down 2, so I am soon typing near the bottom again. Aggravating as it breaks concentration; when I look back at the screen after typing for a while taking notes, the cursor is nowhere near where I expect it to be. 2) After right clicking on a word and correcting the spelling, there is a gray box around the corrected word, as if it was highlighted. 3) EN stops responding regularly and has to be restarted, usually 3-4 times in a 3 hour period.
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