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  1. Thank you, but this link leads me to another problem that I note in the Forum, others have had. When I follow the link and try to "send email" (using an on-line form, presumably) it demands that I log on (even though I am already logged on), and when I do so again, it logs me off Evernote immediately. This cycle just repeats, with no useful way out!
  2. Version 7.8 (457453) Direct; Editor: 62.1.7539 (b406110), running on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2. For some weeks, searching has been failing, and I have had repeatedly to Recreate Full Text Index Search (from OPT Help > Troubleshooting). I have almost 18000 notes including 2000 in local notebooks, so it takes 12-24 hours to recreate. During this time, searching works fine on the Web and iOS versions (though not across the local notebooks, of course). I have eventually discovered that the index is lost if I quit Evernote, so I am having to leave it open 24x7 on my iMac, which I don't really want to do. Besides, I forget sometimes, and close the program by accident. The lack of a reliable searching mechanism defeats the whole object of choosing Evernote over its rivals: if I can't search for something I put there months ago, that is not tagged, and is not in the notebook I thought it might be, it is not very useful! (Secondary problem: despite being a Premium member, I can find no way to raise a Support Ticket!) Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix, please?
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