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  1. I understand that a new version of EN Touch is in the works and currently in Alpha. Is there any plan to release this version for ARM processors (e.g. for Windows RT)
  2. I raised a ticket on Friday and was asked to send in the logs. These logs, however, were not available for copy before the app crashed. I rely on EN too much for this to continue. So I've taken drastic action. I am using a Surface 2 so it was relatively easy for me to backup files to Skydrive and take a couple of hours to reset the unit to default factory settings. First thing I did when back online was installed Evernote and synced. All notes have synced and so far it seem to be stable. I'm actually impressed that as I've reinstalling apps, some of the settings are retained. This is obviously not going to be an option for most people, but if starting over with your PC is an option for you, you at least know it worked for me. I'd still like to see Evernote make the standard Evernote app available on Windows RT and I'd still like to see them fix the Evernote Touch app. I'll feed this back through the ticket which will now likely be closed.
  3. I am also experiencing this sync issue with Evernote on Windows 8.1 RT. The application has synced 700+ notes, but still 1,200 or so to go, but the crash happens as described after about 10 seconds or so. Is there a place where we can request that the full Evernote Windows app be made available in the Windows Store for Windows RT? I understand that the current application only needs to be compiled for the ARM processor. There may be much more to it that I am not aware of, but I think this would be worthwhile asking, until Evernote can invest some resources in Evernote Touch.
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