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  1. Thanks. That answers my second question. As to the first, does anyone know if perhaps my audio recording actually did not work? Or if this is a bug? Or perhaps I am doing something wrong?
  2. I'm relatively new to Evernote and want to use it as part of my day-to-day activities for the office. One useful feature I want to make a lot of use for is the ability to record audio in a note. I have it installed on my iPad Air and Windows 7 desktop. Today, I tried my first recording at a seminar that ran a little over 30 minutes long. I had an issue with the recording where the recording was sitting at 25Mb size but did not play back. When I touch it on the iPad (used to record the seminar), it does nothing. The pause button was active and the Done button was active but the timer for the recording sat at 00:00. Am I doing something wrong? I know the recording was running through the seminar and I was afraid at one stage when the iPad autolocked at 5minutes as to whether that would break recording but when I unlocked the iPad, it appears to be working fine in the background (recording was active and the timer was running at around 22minutes). The second query I have is related to the 25Mb limit. Is this per recording limit or total accumulative (or Nett) size of all recordings? I am using a free account (so far) and won't upgrade to a premium until I know this all works to my satisfaction.
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