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  1. I agree with all of the negative comments about Penultimate v. 6. Someone really missed the design boat here and it doesn't reflect well on Evernote team. I have used Evernote for several years now and it seemed like the new Evernote version updates on each occasion did not so drastically depart from the earlier version in each instance. With this new Penultimate v6 there is such a radical departure from the user's point of view that I wonder who was paying attention to this new version at all. I am hoping there is a radical redesign of v6 to accomplish this and more. Also, where is the User Guide for Penultimate 6?
  2. I am truly disappointed with the newest version of Penultimate, so much so that I was forced to comment here and have never, ever, done so on any chat site/discussion forum in my entire life.
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