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  1. I had given up when it "started working again" One thing that I have now noticed is that it won't come up if I search for just one word. Eg. If I search for "test" I get nothing (no dialog and no results). If I search for "test speed" I get the dialog box with results. I REALLY don't know what happened and I am kind of questioning my own sanity now! :-(
  2. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this? I have the same situation. If I remove and reinstall the Chrome extension I get a "no results" message for the first Google Search (even though I am searching for a term that I know exists in my collection) and then nothing at all for subsequent searches (i.e. not even an Evernote banner saying there are no results).
  3. I agree, I REALLY DO NOT LIKE the new interface. It is like telling a automotive designer to design a car that allows the driver to focus on driving and in response he removes the radio, warning lights, cruise control and anything else that is not essential to the immediate task at hand and hides them all behind a panel on the dash. I don't need simplicity in creating a new note. I need speed and utility in searching for and browsing though the notes that I have already created. I need a system to bring VISIBLE order to the chaos that is my research, not hide it all in a drawer! Evernote
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