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  1. Thanks for response Cal and yes I have checked that out. I only have one account and when I open that account I can see the Notebook headings but they contain no notes
  2. I am really stunned by the lack of support from Evernote and am rather desperate to get back the 1,556 notes and their contained data that has gone missing. It has now been three weeks since the notes went missing and 6 days since I have heard from support. I have an active support ticket but no replies. Any suggestions as to how to move this along ? Thanks for any help James
  3. I am getting a warning when signing out of EV. Can't find any information pertaining to warning so I ignore it. Anybody know if this is something to fix and what ?
  4. I am sure that the file is not on my IPhone. I am sure that the file is not in Dropbox on my iPhone or Dropbox on my Macbook Pro The file does exist in 'documents' on my Macbook Pro
  5. Hi The message is attached. I tried to download the file via drop box but have now deleted same and still the message appears IMG_0807.PNG.zip
  6. How does one get rid of the an annoying popup (25 or more a day) asking to upgrade to premium because a file is too big to be downloaded. I have gotten rid of the file but still get the popup
  7. Thanks everyone. I guess it will be the hard way.
  8. I have searched for an answer but still none found. So maybe someone out there has a clean solution. I am switching to Evennote from Mac Notes and want to import/migrate my notes over. How is this accomplished ?? Thanks in advance to all you knowledgeable people
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