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  1. Thanks God! Please ask the developers just to release functional code the next time they plan a new rewrite.
  2. Hey @gazumped, thanks for your answer. If that is the case, a complete rebuild, I hope they add the removed features ASAP, as we use them on a daily basis.
  3. Guys. Guys. One of the most used features on Webclipper, IMHO, is the highlight feature. I used to use it every day, on a lots of articles captured. But now it's gone. I already asked support about it, but they say it was removed and they will "notice the developers about that". It was about, not sure, 1 week ago. Since then, there is a new version of the extension (7.0.1) and my hopes to have highlight again on this new version were gone after install. So, what the heck. Why this feature was removed? I use it a LOT! I want it back! I'm losing a lot of info and having a lot of work when I need to capture the full article and goes to Evernote to highlight the parts I want. Btw, Evernote web doesn't have the highlight feature also! Come on! I need to change the text color on the parts I want. What can be done about that?
  4. Thanks for your answer. Just checked before post here, and could not find them on a easy way. Just after you replied, I thought there were something weird if you can see it and I can't, so I noticed that the reminders are there just after we start to write on the note, on the top. Don't know what exactly is the idea of keep notes easy, but it didn't worked for me at first. :-)
  5. Ouch, more than 2 months when this discussion started and still no reminders on beta? Come on, must put a calendar over there, developers. :-p
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