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  1. Thank you for this! I've been banging my head on trying to figure out how to get this functionality back for an hour. I saw it ungrey one time and couldn't figure out what I had been doing. Hope they can fix this for just a mouse over instead of having to be in the document but gratzie for the workaround!
  2. No, based on the history of this thread and the web searches where others chime this bell every month I definitely know its not on the top of their priority list. As such it would not be hard to put a method in there to allow for this from an external provider or a method so widely known. Do what you do great and if you can't do it, allow for others. (Walled gardens vs the Bazaar) That's all. I've thought about just putting Applescripts in place that pull notes PGP them, dump them back in the note, but then I've got a silo solution that only works on the desktops I've implemented that on and we lose a lot of the power of multi-device/location. I've been in tech for 20+ years its not like I don't have a general clue for scope, priorities, and execution (also within that incorrect priorities, cronyism, meeting hell, and feature creep.) I'd like to think if they bumped it up on their list of to-do's business acceptance would be greater since no company worth much would dream of putting sensitive information in a very open system. However it feels so close that's the tantalizing frustration. Just seems like a good thing to tout, which is always good for additional business. Hey +1 for trying. We're a family business, if you really want me to quote out something I will but most of the time when I show the shipping numbers people blanch. A digital world we exist but the physical transportation out of country is always a barrier. As to any of our secrets, we have so many.. so many.. The only ones really worth protecting our our employees. We're a pretty transparent organization otherwise. Keeps us honest, and we like that.
  3. After catching up on this thread the points are always hijacked. At a minimum find a way to encrypt a note. PGP has been around for over a decade, plug it in. Encrypt the note. Done. This isn't rocket science and it's not new tech. We run a paperless company. I need to be comfortable scanning W4/I9/W9/ID Scans/etc in. If I had wanted to stay on the file system level I'd have done so. We chose to run with Evernote because of the way it holds, sorts, tags, and fetches data across multiple devices and places. I can dump back to Dropbox for these needs but I'd rather have data when I need it where I need it how I want it. If this was a new concept not dating back to 1991 I'd understand. It's not, I don't understand.
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