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  1. Same problem here. Web Clipper just stops working. I click on the icon in the toolbar, nothing at all happens. OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 Safari 8.0.3 Web Clipper 6.2.4 Right-click menu still works, but as it's less full-featured, it would be really nice to have the real extension working consistently.
  2. D'oh. I don't think I did it, though - it just came up that way after updating. Oh well, thanks for helping me find the obvious.
  3. I've been using Evernote for quite some time, and I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. There used to be a search bar at the top of the application window, but with the new version, it's not there any more. Is it hiding under something? I can search for a *notebook* if I pull down from the notebook name, but not search my notes. Using the shortcut key ^⌘E doesn't do anything at all. Help please? I'm sure I must be missing something obvious. Screenshots attached.
  4. I took @ilium007's excellent script and modified it to be "hands free". I didn't need for it to prompt for notebook or name or tags - I just wanted to have files added to a folder automatically added as notes. No dialogs unless there's an error. Here's the stripped back code: -- start the Hazel scripton hazelProcessFile(theFile) -- add to Evernote addToEvernote(theFile)end hazelProcessFileon addToEvernote(aFile) tell application "Evernote" activate try create note from file aFile title "Voice Memo" notebook "brain dump" on error display dialog "Could not create Evernote note" buttons {"Quit"} tell application "Finder" set label index of aFile to 2 end tell return 1 end try end tell end addToEvernoteYou will want to edit the line which starts "create note..." to the title and notebook of your choosing. If it wasn't clear how to use this with Hazel, here's how: 1. save the script to a file somewhere (location not important) 2. open Hazel prefs and add the folder where you will be dumping the files you want added to Evernote 3. create a rule: choose "any file" in the "If" condition, and choose "Run AppleScript" in the "Do the following.." section and point it at the script Et voila! Any time you add a file to that folder, Hazel will run the script and create a note.
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