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  1. Same problem here, all title headings are showing up in Evernote at 83pt size (simplified article clip), on Chrome Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) on MacBook Pro. Also, all my webclips (simplified article clips) are now fixed width, they do not wrap properly, they have line breaks in the text. This is very undesirable.
  2. Using WebClipper, clipping as simplified article, on Chrome. When I view the clipping in Evernote the Title heading is enormous (83pt). It's a pain to resize the headings every time. Also, the clips now are not using the full page width like they used to, they no longer word wrap. Instead they are a fixed width and they have line breaks. I can't find any settings to change this. Chrome Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Macbook Pro.
  3. My web clips, simplified article, on Chrome (Mac) show in Evernote with HUGE (83 pt) headings. The rest of the clipping is fine, just the Heading at the top is way out of proportion. Is there a way to get that back to normal? I don't see any setting in Options.
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