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  1. I found the solution I did an uninstall and reinstall with no success. I then did an Uninstall with REVO and when using REVO I approved deleting <ALL> files as well as lingering Registry files. Did a fresh install and I am good to go. Thanks to other forum entry for recommending REVO!!
  2. I did as directed, but don't see any reference to BOX in the list https://app.box.com/s/1vuj5xsnix1bc16busos The above link is to an image I have uploaded to my BOX account. It's a screenshot of my Evernote account and all the 3rd party apps running in the Account. To further my point... I deleted all references to BOX folders in evernote (one is called mythology8 for example). I then used my iphone's evernote app. I retrieved a photo I had taken with my iphone and posted it to my evernote acccount. I then went back into BOX and the folder had been recreated (mythology8) and there was the picture -in BOX for all my fellow employees to see :-( Help!!
  3. I have Evernote on my Windows desktop @ work and @ home. I also have it on my laptop, iphone and ipad. I have been using Evernote for about 2 years. About two (2) months ago I installed a NEAT 'NeatConnect' Scanner at work. I have one BOX (www.box.com) cloud account and all items scanned by all employees go to this one account. All employees share this one BOX account, log-in at their desk and retrieve what they just scanned from the cloud. It has proven to be quite convenient and productive for everyone in the office. About two weeks ago I noticed the NEAT scanner offers the ability to scan the documents to Evernote as well. I foolishly associated (lgged-in) Evernote. Now, my own private Evernote scans are showing up in the BOX account. How do I kill the association between my scanner and my evernote account? Please help!!
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