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  1. I'm having similar issues with oneleftfoot and it's very consistent. At this point, my stylus is unusable. What a shame. Had the same problem, after just one day of usage. But in my case it stopped writing completely. Using new lithium battery doesnt fix anything. Its hardware problem and neirher Adonit nor Evernote wants to admit they screwed up. Instead they want clients to get tired by their support and give up. I feel treated like moron by them. So shameeful for companies like them.
  2. I had almost exaclty the same problem, until it stopped... ...because whole pen stopped writing at all. It is detected in various apps. But doesnt write at all. Strangely it does some random marks when i have my palm on the screen (marks under the nib, not palm), but those are so random that its completely unusable. 99% timesit doesnt work. The funny thing is that first day it was working fine, so i put it away for few days and didnt use it. Finally when i have time it first starts to loose ink more and more and then stops writing. I even put 3 different new batteries. Nothing changed. All is still broken. And adonit doesnt even respond to my support requests. And you Evernote, making resposes like "mine works" are showng that u dont give a damn about your customers. Because your works that means for others work too? Please stop insulting us.
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