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  1. About 3-4 weeks ago, the Opera Browser(Ver12.16build 1860) on my W7 pc, stopped displaying Evernote. Has anyone else experienced this? I use Opera because I can easily invert the entire Evernote page to white on black. I've been using Chrome and Firefox to display Evernote with no problems, since this happened.
  2. I found this thread when searching for a Dark Theme (preferably, white font on a black background) for a newly installed Windows 7 desktop Evernote app. Evernote kept prompting me to install the desktop client, everytime I visited Evernote.com in a browser. I stopped using the desktop client over a year ago, because it did not have this ability. I use Evernote from my android and ios phones which havs Inverse Color Toggle's, and from any of my desktop's browser's, which easily can invert colors. I prefer a white on black theme because I do not see well, and it helps tremendously when reading on the web and smartphone.
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