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  1. Wow, man, thank you really really much. Evernote's note history is taken once about every eight hours. From my experiences with note history, once a snapshot is taken, then you modify the note & another snapshot is taken, you now have access to both snapshots. Then let's say you modify it once again & a third snapshot is taken. You now have access to all three snapshots. IOW, IME snapshots are never destroyed. But I can't say that for certain. I do know when I've used note history, there was one note that had multiple versions I could restore. (I don't have any notes that I modify a lot over the course of many months.) And yes, note history is taken, regardless if you are free or premium. What premium does is allow you to access that history. IOW, if you go premium now, you will have access to the note history of that note over the past six months. Wow man, thank you really really much, saving me a lot of headaches ! THANKS.
  2. Hi, I use a regular Evernote account, linked to my Android HTC phone. Today, I lost six months of a very important work I put in a note. I was saving it on Gdoc when instead of selecting and copying everything, I pasted what my phone had in memory, and erased everything. I couldn't come back. I checked my online Evernote account, but I'm not a Premium user, so my history is blocked. I'm ready to take a Premium account if I can go back and get back what I lost. Would it be possible if I turn Premium AFTER having lost everything ? Please help, I'm kinda pissed off and angry at myself, the world, and the poor chair I threw through my living room. THANKS ! Cheers, Br.
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