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  1. I really appreciate both of your responses. I don't know if I was as clear as I would have liked to have been in the original response. On the Evernote iOS iPhone client, under the shortcuts section, I have all of my contexts (Anywhere, Calls, Computer, etc.) when I click on one of these shortcuts (on my phone) all the notes with that context pop up, but whereas on my desktop client, I am able to sort (not search, when I mean sort, it is the way the notes are displayed, which note is at the top of the list, which note is at the bottom) I am able to sort these notes from the particular shortcut by another tag that I use to indicate time (!10min, !15min, etc.) so that I can quickly and intuitively scan my list where the shortest actions are up top and the longer ones on the bottom. On iOS, it seems like the only three options for how notes are sorted (displayed in list form) is either by date created, date updated, or by title. I would like to discover a way to arrange how the notes are displayed in a paritcular saved search according to tags regardless of when the note was created, updated, or its title. Thanks again for all of your help!
  2. Is there any way to sort notes in iOS by Tags? I use a particular hierarchy of tagging to sort to do's based on priority, time required, and location (GTD type stuff), but the tags are worthless on my iPhone and the only three ways to sort notes is by date created, date updated, or title, which has very limited value. Anyone have any thoughts?
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