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  1. I've noticed if I'm viewing a PDF in Safari and clip it, all I get is a blank note with the title "Favorites".
  2. I'm afraid it doesn't. At least I haven't been able to find it. But if it does actually exist, I would happily stand corrected on my misunderstanding. So the question that is begging an answer: How do I resize an image with Evernote's annotation tool? To answer my question correctly please be VERY CLEAR on the distinction between cropping and resizing. They are two different things. Cropping = take only a part of the whole picture and crop the rest Resizing = keep the whole picture and reduce (or enlarge) its proportions. (This reduces (or enlarges) the actual filesize of the picture -&
  3. The problem with resizing in Skitch (or using the Skitch tools built into Evernote) is that you lose the original image data when you resize it. Once you've resized it in Skitch, you can't size it back up to the original size again. Most modern apps let you scale images inline, and that scaling is lossless. (See Microsoft Word, Apple Pages.) Regardless, even the current scheme in Evernote is not WYSIWYG. Images that appear reasonably sized onscreen often turn huge when you try to print them. I have lots of images in my recipes, and I find I can't print them since the images take over the p
  4. I've struggled with this as well. I have hundreds of recipes in Evernote with lots of images, and printing is so far from WYSIWYG that it's laughable. I've optimized my notes for onscreen/web viewing and given up on printing for the time being.
  5. I've tried sendtodropbox.com but found that when you mail a note from Evernote to your sendtoboxdrop account, all you get are separate files for each attachment to the note. The note itself (headline, any text in the note) doesn't end up in the folder on your Dropbox. Makes it kind of useless fro me.
  6. I also have multiple PDFs that say they have not been indexed but their contents appear in search results... I am a premium member and this is on the release Mac client. Here's an example... https://www.evernote.com/shard/s24/sh/75f35f04-3f1d-4653-9a3b-8fc91021c39e/a408a04822a118ecf2429b8271fc6592
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