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  1. I'm really not liking the interface changes in version 6. I already have Reduce Transparency and Increase Contrast enabled, and working in Evernote is pretty hard on my eyes. The interface is incredibly stark and the type sizes are tiny and way too grey. I also have no use for the new "chat" feature and wish there were a way to get rid of the "New chat" buttons across all of the Evernote apps (Mac, iPad, iPhone). I was happy to discover that I could right-click in the sidebar and remove the Work Chat entry. Anyway, the point of this post is just to add another plea to rework the interface to make it more legible and give users more options to customize the font sizes. Some green would be nice, too, so I can tell I'm working in Evernote!
  2. I've noticed if I'm viewing a PDF in Safari and clip it, all I get is a blank note with the title "Favorites".
  3. I'm afraid it doesn't. At least I haven't been able to find it. But if it does actually exist, I would happily stand corrected on my misunderstanding. So the question that is begging an answer: How do I resize an image with Evernote's annotation tool? To answer my question correctly please be VERY CLEAR on the distinction between cropping and resizing. They are two different things. Cropping = take only a part of the whole picture and crop the rest Resizing = keep the whole picture and reduce (or enlarge) its proportions. (This reduces (or enlarges) the actual filesize of the picture -> takes less storage space.) For example: if happen to take a picture with my camera that has resolution 1920x1080 and I have it in Evernote. What I often notice is that it's too large for my purposes and I want to reduce its size e.g. to one third of the original: 640x360 and thus have it take much less storage space AND load faster on my phone. So THIS is what I'm looking for. Does this feature already exist? If so, how do I use it? Look at Post #161 above. It explains exactly what you're describing.
  4. Nope, support already asked about that; I'm at 45MB of my 1GB for the month. But today I've been able to receive email that I send to the upload address, so maybe it's working again. Regardless, I won't depend on that feature anymore. I found a nice AppleScript that lets me press a modifier key sequence and it sends the email I have selected right to Evernote. The only problem is that I can't do that on the iPhone, so I'll have to find another workaround for that.
  5. Great to hear you're working on the issue. I just got another email notification saying I'm over my limit, for a message I sent yesterday at 6:02 PM EST... https://www.evernote.com/shard/s24/sh/4d6167ae-4b7e-48cb-905a-ed304a71a5b5/eb0ce6faf187764b00731b5c0fc2047a
  6. Ok, I've been happily chugging along emailing messages to my Evernote upload address. I sent about 10-20 a day, depending on what I get in my inbox. Last night I go a bizarre email from Evernote. Here's a pic of it: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s24/sh/1e63de59-a6cc-4840-92e6-ad2a4aebba64/5adc94b9733cbd75628d7f08e77f18cf (I've also attached a pic in case this link breaks) Support tells me there is a 250 message limit on incoming messages, but there's no way I've come anywhere close to that. I got another error message just like the one above when I tried to forward a message to my upload email address. Has anyone else experienced this or found a resolution? Cheers, Osric
  7. The problem with resizing in Skitch (or using the Skitch tools built into Evernote) is that you lose the original image data when you resize it. Once you've resized it in Skitch, you can't size it back up to the original size again. Most modern apps let you scale images inline, and that scaling is lossless. (See Microsoft Word, Apple Pages.) Regardless, even the current scheme in Evernote is not WYSIWYG. Images that appear reasonably sized onscreen often turn huge when you try to print them. I have lots of images in my recipes, and I find I can't print them since the images take over the page when printed; sometimes they even tile on to other pages. Try it, the current scheme is a bit of a disaster. I've resorted to putting just one image at then end of each recipe so that I can use the recipe and discard the image if I need to (the image almost always generate a page break and gets bopped to the next page. Even BBCode allows you to change the size of an image without losing any data. No need to use Skitch. You can do it all from with Evernote: 1. Click on the annotate button in the toolbar 2. In the popover that appears, click on the image you want to modify. 3. Click the crop button 4. Click the resize button 5. Drag the slider until you get the size you want. 6. Click apply. 7. Close the annotation window You now have a resized image which can be printed on a single page.
  8. In the Mac client you can select all of the notes in the notebook and then click "Save Attachments" in the summary screen. It will ask you to specify a location to save the attachments and all your PDFs should get saved there. Hope this helps
  9. I've struggled with this as well. I have hundreds of recipes in Evernote with lots of images, and printing is so far from WYSIWYG that it's laughable. I've optimized my notes for onscreen/web viewing and given up on printing for the time being.
  10. Note that this only works with the direct download version of Evernote; it won't work with the App Store version.
  11. I've tried sendtodropbox.com but found that when you mail a note from Evernote to your sendtoboxdrop account, all you get are separate files for each attachment to the note. The note itself (headline, any text in the note) doesn't end up in the folder on your Dropbox. Makes it kind of useless fro me.
  12. Whenever I try to paste text that I've copied from a PDF, Evernote hangs with the beach ball and I have to force quit it. When I look at the text in BBEdit, there are gremlin characters between each word, so I've added the step of cleaning the text up in BBEdit before I paste it into Evernote. It adds a lot of labor, though. Anyone else see this behavior?
  13. On the Mac version (5.4.4), you need to create a saved search. Do your search, the go the the Edit menu in the menu bar and choose Find > Save Search. Once you save the search, its name shows up the popup in the search field. Drag the search from the popup (it should appear at the bottom of the popup under Saved Searches) all the way over to the sidebar and drop it in with your other shortcuts. This seems really roundabout, but it works.
  14. I discovered that resizing is available in Skitch (though it's not obvious how to do it). It would still save a lot of effort if it could be done inline like you can do in just about any word processor.
  15. What I do there is: 1. Create a new notebook for sharing 2. Use search to filter down to the desired selection. 3. Select all (from the menus), or Command A on a Mac, control A on windows 4.under the note menu choose "copy to notebook" and select the new empty notebook 5. Share the notebook I thought there was a copy to notebook option in the menu that pops up when you select multiple notes. On my mac where I am now you can only "move" them. That's another way to go if you don't want temporary duplication. Move them until your sister has copied them, then move them back with the rest of the recipes. If you are on a mac you might also want to also make a table of contents note for those recipes. I can't recall how recently it made its appearance but at least in 5.5 beta 2 you can select all the recipes and in the multi-select window, choose "create table of contents note". Thanks for the tips! I'm on the Mac and the table of contents feature isn't in the release version (though Brett Kelly offers a trick in his book: Select all the notes in a notebook and then choose Copy Links and paste that into a new note). Regardless, there is indeed a Copy to Notebook option so I can copy all the notes to a new notebook and share it as you suggested. That doesn't really meet my need, though, so it looks like I'll just share the entire notebook so we can collaborate without having to deal with duplicate notes.
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