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  1. Thought you might like this .. clipper (for me) does not function on this page ... I am running: OSX 10.9.1 Safari 7.0.1 (9537.73.11) Clipper 6.0.8 Clips good: http://www.iep.utm.edu I have no idea where the clipper options page is?
  2. I want to concur with the previous post ... I too am experiencing the SAME SYMPTOMS. I am unable to get clipper to respond on numerous websites (some which previously had no issues) - yet, the google site mentioned above worked fine. I noticed this problem yesterday when I tried to clip a Wiki Article ... I assumed it was just some scripting on Wiki that was blocking - then I tried to clip a note on the UC Berkley site and "nothing." Not only did clicking the toolbar icon do "nothing" there are no context menu options there either. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling web clipper -but same results. This ... Is ... Annoying (to say the least). P.S. Clipper works (for me) on: news.google.com plato.stanford.edu
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