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  1. Prior to the splitting of EN Personal and EN Business I was easily able to forward emails into my default notebook in EN and then quickly file that email/note into whichever notebook I wanted. Since the split of EN Personal & Business I am now only able to forward emails to my default Personal Notebook. Which means in order to move that email into a business notebook I have to open up my personal account click the note and then move it into my business default notebook. This isn't ideal... I would very much like to have a EN forwarding email address whereby I could easily forward certain emails directly into my default "business notebook"
  2. Hopefully the more we post the more they will listen. Because as it stands currently this evernote version is a step in reverse. I know one of Evernotes big advocates "the good life team" in Austin Texas. Maybe I will type an email to them or give them a phone call and get their thoughts and see if they can effect some change on this non sense.
  3. I agree with all the above statements. I spent the better part of a hr trying to figure out these new share and "work chat" features. I am an evernote business subscriber and this new update has quite frankly taken away the ease of use and functionality I had become accustomed too. Once again I am not mad evernote I am just very disappointed. If it aint broke dont fix it! at the very least make "chat" and sharing completely separate. Dont combine the two, because sometimes people dont want to "chat" about what they are sharing.
  4. Im not going to go in to a big long discussion about how much I dislike this update, and specifically the design. I am only going to say that I am not impressed.. and more specifically very disappointed in you Evernote!
  5. I dont know why they had to mess with a good thing. This new version is BLAND.. Practically no colour and if creating a checklist with checkboxes you will have to really take a close look because once the box is checked it does not highlight or anything.. And I'm not even going to get started on work chat... pffff...I want my old sharing options back please and thank you! As a evernote business subscriber I am currently looking at new options for my company as I do not appreciate these so called upgrades that constantly mess with my functionality. If it aint broke dont fix it evernote!
  6. Ive been having the exact same issue. Ive also been having a lengthy email conversation with evernote support to try and have this fixed. It makes no sense to me why they have changed the way note linking works but I am overjoyed to see that there is a much quicker work around because the method I was using to get the desired effect was quite lengthy. Cheers
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