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  1. I'm using Evernote as a way to save webpage bookmarks as I'd refer not to manage my bookmarks in two places (Chrome's Bookmark Manager and Evernote). I like the ability to add tags to the bookmarks and publish/share them with other people in my company. However I haven't figured out a "clean" way to do this. Right now, I have to go to my Evernote account, search for and open the note with the bookmark and click on the link. Ideally I'd like some sort of "quick access" embedded inside my Chrome browser (extension) that allows me to quickly see a list of the bookmark notes in my bookmark folder. I'm guessing the only way to do this really is to bookmark the web location of a notebook with all my bookmarks and add it to the Chrome quick access bar and just leave the tab open. The problem is my bookmarks span across different subject notebooks. On the web version of Evernote I see no advanced search capability to show me a list of all my saved bookmarks across notebooks. It looks like the best method is either to create a shortcut to each bookmark which is time consuming, or, I think the real best solution is to add a tag "bookmark" and then just bookmark in chrome the notebook listing for all the notes with the bookmark tag. That actually might work pretty slick. I guess I sort of answered my own question experimenting with Evernote while I wrote this. Still interested if anyone has any better ideas or there's a chrome plugin I've overlooked.
  2. What would be the best way to integrate Google Docs from more than one Google Account? On Google, you can be logged into more than one Google Account at the same time. It appears you can only connect one Google Account to Evernote. The docs in question on both accounts are only viewable to the specific Google accounts that have been given access to those docs. My thinking is the only way to do this is to create a note with summary description of the docs and a link to the doc instead of using Evernote's built-in Google Drive integration to browse and attach documents to notes.
  3. I want to use Evernote to provide online access to a Notebook to Non-Evernote Users with read-only access. Is it possible or can I only share an individual note using a web link? Ideally (but not required), within the Notebook, I would prefer to identify "internal" notes only for me and and "external" notes that anyone can see (without logging into Evernote). I am guess this is only possible with a Business Account with all users that can see internal notes having their own account?
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