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  1. I see, well it is good we live in free market, I hope to find a good Evernote alternative with encryption and perhaps use Evernote website just to buy some socks or something. Thank you guys!
  2. Evernote should provide us information how they handle their own API to their third parties. If is done in a secure way like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc are doing there is no risk for my account. I just want to know how they are handling this. I cannot relay on the assurances from the third party company. I would like to know how Evernote is protecting their customers. I guess it is a reasonable question to know especially all the recent issues. How could it be that all the companies are moving towards encryption because all of the scandals regarding privacy and Evernote still holding the ou
  3. Yes, I know that statement. However what rises concern is that the Evernote doesn't support cryptography of the content, so if the API permits a third party to sniff the data, the only thing that is keeping the 3rd party providers from reading our notes is just their promise. I think this rises the question for risking the corporate and personal data. Personally I've saw a lot of comments on websites, Twitter and other social media from people really liking 3rd party streamlined solutions for Evernote but worried about the lack of encryption. Basically what I want is to know if Evernote real
  4. OK, I hope an official support can answer how they handle their Evernote API and the permissins that are giving to 3rd party apps, no matter of their brand. Is there an official support here? Are you a representative of the official support?
  5. Because it makes more sense to ask Evernote about how Evernote is handling their own API and our privacy and security instead of asking Alternote if they can be trusted or not. I guess it makes more sense. So, is an official Evernote support here to answer this?
  6. Hi, I wonder if it is safe to use Alternote - http://alternoteapp.com/. Can the Alternote guys read my notes? I know for example Google's API is giving only limited access for logins and such stuff, but is it the same way with Evernote API or I just have to "trust" the guys. Kind Regards
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