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    I know, thank you. But I like to copy the style also after I have copied text or typed text.
  2. The function "copy format" for text like in word or pages (style copy) would be fine. If I copy content out of other sources it is way to much effort to format the text like I want to have it. It would be way easier if I could copy the format of existing text in a note to other text in the same note.
  3. Hello, these are my wishes for penultimate. If these wishes come true penultimate would be ultimate to me. There are a lot of different papers for planers. But there isn't a paper with a full calendar preprinted with date and day of the week. I wish a paper with 365 preprinted pages to be used as a calendar for one year. On the pages I can mark a part of the page and I can move this part. I wish to be able to paste, copy and cut these marked parts of a page. At the overview of all pages of one book i can move the pages. I wish to be able to paste, copy and cut marked pages. If someone of you can give me a hint how i could get these features right now than i have to thank you. Otherwise I would appreciate if penultimate could realize these wishes. Best regards qax
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