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  1. Update on my troublesome Joyscript:- Have contacted Adonit regarding my problems and they are sending a replacement to see how this behaves. Option of a refund also there but it seems I would suffer customs duty and delivery costs if I went this route. Not ideal but hopefully avoidable as expecting great things from the replacement.
  2. I've not had much joy from Adonit so far - trying again this evening. Evernote were helpful and apologetic but unable to help as the purchase was through Adonit (my bad). I am pretty staggered that Evernote have chosen to put their name against this product as from what I can see on these forums, it sets expectations high but delivers very little over the £6 GBP equivalent. I am hopeful they will be more helpful on a full refund, but @Bill French makes me think I shoudl ask for a replacement first - although mine is not physically damaged, just misbehaves all the time. Any thoughts anyon
  3. I have said they owe me a refund for what is essentially an expensive piece of junk - Not sure about the rest of the forum, but the law looks for "merchantable quality"
  4. Update on my JotScript. Logged a ticket and sent some demonstrations of the problems. They have told me its a software bug and its being passed to development. I have responded indicating its nothing to do with Penultimate and happens all the time. Still waiting a response.
  5. my JotScript arrived today. VERY disappointed as it is misbehaves all the time just as described in the forum and whether using penultimate or not. Some strokes are not recognised and others only partially so. I need support to respond to this and advise a fix as from a product point of view this doesn't look to be of merchantable quality - I had high hopes but it's failed to deliver so far. regards Dave
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