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  1. I'm having this problem too. Sometimes the clipper seems to hang on "Clipping "Article Name"", and other times it hangs on "Clipping "..."". Occasionally, it seems to work even on pages where it didn't work the first time. I'm in Chrome 31 on OS X Mavericks with build ID 9f8dc4e/ Here are two URLs I had problems with; http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/quick-tip-how-to-stop-your-mac-from-sleeping-using-the-command-line--mac-50905 http://lifehacker.com/5803041/the-mac-os-x-delete-key-it-goes-both-ways Any updates from Evernote staff yet about the status of this issue? The Web Clipper is pretty much unusable in this state.
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