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  1. Hi - The cloud calendar app works as intended but lacks some features. I want to be able to sync/map specific evernote notebooks to specific google calendars. How hard would this feature be to add?
  2. filterize looks promising, but their instructions are pretty vague. Not sure how to accomplish this "Afterwards, you can copy the calendar link and put it into your calendar application. Now all your reminders are visible beside your calendar entries." in icloud.
  3. Is there any other solution? I love fantastical but am really missing the evernote reminders in it.
  4. Is this a problem among all phones or are some more impacted than others? I've since paid for a scanner app (scanner pro) which automatically syncs with evernote so it's a suitable work around, but when the evernote doc and post it note photos were working they did a really great job.
  5. I also am having the same problem on my 4S. When I use the evernote doc photo taker, my phone crashes more than 90% of the time. So much so that in the last week I've paid for the CamScanner app which integrates with Evernote. All of my software is up to date and I've deleted and reinstalled evernote on my phone with no change in success rate. Tonight I'll restore my iphone and report back.
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