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  1. This is why I wish that there were no tools such as Evernote. No separate tools. Rather, I wish that tools such as Evernote used a web or cloud filesystem such as Google Drive or Dropbox to store the content. Notes and notebooks and stacks, etc., would be files and folders in the filesystem. Compound documents would be archive files - .zip or .tar.gz Indexing - yes, Evernote does okay indexing, but so do some of the web filesystems. Handwriting recognition and OCR... The main value added of Evernote is user interface. Screen and tab and window organization, and mouse and keyboard and menu optimization, all in the hope of making it easier to capture and organize notes. Heaven knows, the web and cloud filesystems have lousy UIs. Integration, so that the several dfferent types of data people want to keep in their notebooks can be looked at together. But companies like Evernote reinvent the wheel. Partly out of necessity - it is hard to maintain the integrity of crosslinked documents in a filesystem, without "filesystem hooks" to invoke code when something is moved or deleted. And partly out of business model - if Evernote stores the data, they can mine it, and supposedly grab the profits that would otherwise be distributed across several vendors. This would not be so bad, except that companies like Evernote often reinvent the wheel partially and poorly. Like, a table editor that is much more primitive than can be found in other tools - like Google docs. The annoying thing is that this puts the user in the position of making tradeoffs: I like Evernote, but its table editor sucks. So perhaps I should use Microsoft OneNote, which is very comparable to EverNote, but has a better table editor. If I don't like OneNote, perhaps I should use Google Drive or Google docs - but then I lose the EverNote/OneNote UI goodness. This sort of proliferation of overlapping tools in the desktop PC software market is what eventually led to Microsoft's success: Microsoft Office was by no means the best in all areas, but it was good enough in most of the areas that people needed. Microsoft is web.challenged, but I would *love* somebody whether Google, or EverNote, or somebody TBD to provide a "good enough" integrated system for note taking and personal information management, based on a eb/cloud filesystem as described above. --- Longtime watcher/user/coder of personal infomaion managemen systems Occasiona EverNote user for several years - e.g. I tried today, but am giving up on EverNote (again) because of lousy tables, inter alia. Longtime OneNote user. Longtime Google drive/docs Dropbox user. Longtime wiki and hypertext. Medium time org-mode user. Still looking for an integrated solution.
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