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  1. Having the same problem in Evernote on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Cyanogenmod. Switching off Multishot Camera, which removes the feature I am relying upon, is not a good solution for me. At present, I have to shoot one page with document camera and create a new note to shoot a second page. Then I use the windows application to merge the notes. Very frustrating.
  2. +1 I am also having this problem. Photos taken with Evernote for Android cannot be edited or opened from Evernote for Windows. This includes Skitch and all other applications. Works after renaming the file. IrfanView highlights this problem and offers to fix it (see screenshots below). Never had this issue in the past. Running Windows 7 with Evernote (270217) Public. Android Evernote 5.7.
  3. @eric99 Say I take a photo in an naturally lit room. The preview photo on the camera view before I take the photo shows the text to be black on a brown or tan background (because the white paper is inadequately illuminated). I then take the photo and the flash fires. After the photo is taken, a preview of the taken photo appears for a few seconds. On this photo, the text appears as black on a white paper background and no flash glare is visible. Then, when the preview photo disappears and I review the taken photos in Evernote, the flash glare is clearly visible and some processing has been applied to make the text stand out from the paper more clearly. I thought that perhaps Evernote tries to time the photo in such a way that illumination from the flash optimises the quality of the photo but the peak flash output is avoided so glare is minimised. This may or may not be the case. @gazumped You are right. I should probably just turn the flash off and optimise my illumination via other means. Once again, would be good to be able to set page camera with flash off as default for photo notes.
  4. +1 Other issues with page camera: Would like an option to make page camera the default camera. If I'm making a photo note, I always use page camera.The timing of the shot often catches the glare from the flash. Any way to avoid catching the glare, besides tilting the camera?
  5. +1 Being able to "edit in Skitch" is a key part of my workflow.
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