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  1. I can confirm that the outline numbers and bullets formatting tool is not completely functional. I have tried using for my research which often includes tables. When I attempt to insert a space prior to pasting a table, EN refuses to continue numbering from the original outline. It recognizes that the line following the inserted table is a new outline series and begins with 1. Nothing you can do can fix this and even the support folks cannot correct the issue. I have resorted to just using bullets. If the research is going to a presentation, I have to copy and past the entire note to Word. In
  2. I recently saw a notebook that had been organized using a note titled "Table of Contents." Insde this note was a list of the notes in the notebook. Within this Table of Contents note there one could simply tap the title of the other notes in the notebook and you would be taken to that note. I found this to be a wonderful feature and would like to know if anyone else uses it and if so, how is it done? Thank you.
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