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  1. Thanks for the interesting discussions. I agree totally with KenF that Evernote will never add this feature to the product. Their lack of attention to their core product staggers the imagination, but they must be making good money on overpriced rucksacks, leather notebooks, and business socks. Emanual offered a good suggestion on using .md attachments. I just tested this successfully using Byword. The problem is that it is tied to a single platform, which is one of the constraints I was trying to use Evernote to solve.
  2. I agree with the need for (Multi)Markdown support with Evernote. If I ever quit my Premium membership, this will probably be the reason. In the meanwhile I am testing Markdown Here add-on and the Byword app, which can publish to Evernote. However, being able to freely toggle in Evernote would be the best.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I have installed Markdown Here. I am also doing some testing with Byword, available on the App Store, which has a Evernote plug-in.
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