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  1. I hadn't been keeping up but had the same problems- Evernote staff seemed arrogant, cheeky, and when confronted with issues like basic features missing, they were dismissive and didn't take ownership of these types of things. Do my eyes deceive me or are you saying that these sort of cultural concerns of mine are getting better? I love the idea of a nicer attitude from EN!! Even with the image resize issue, which was a show-stopper for me, I would have been able to recommend EN to others if I hadn't thought I'd be sending friends to people with bad attitudes. Are these attitudes improving?
  2. Thank you for finally adding the ability to resize images! I've been away from Evernote for a couple of years now. With this feature, I'll have to see what it's like to import my OneNote notes and give Evernote another try. The new feature is much appreciated.
  3. Well, I hear it's in the Mac client... people talked for a while about it coming to Windows but so far no word?
  4. Excellent point, the mobile version really is for inputting text, maybe with light formatting and some images but nowhere near as slick as the Evernote mobile apps. I guess Evernote puts heavy emphasis on the editing capabilities of their mobile apps and Mac client. OneNote is just king on a desktop (or Windows tablet) but the mobile apps feel very mobile. EN really has innovated in making full featured mobile apps. Still can't make pictures happen right in Windows, but hey, that's why we have threads like this
  5. OneNote has improved tremendously since this thread was started ages ago. It has ALL the basic features like this and its developers appear active and definitely hear feedback!
  6. It's just embarassing that such a simple feature that everyone implicitly expects to be available is still not available. This is just bad PR at this point! Add it to the next release already!! Maybe addressing long term low hanging fruit will bring an upswing in Evernote interest to stop the plateauing they've been up to lately. They're as popular as they were 3.5 years ago: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=evernote
  7. Honestly, the way Evernote has handled this request and this thread have burned me out on Evernote. I'm disgusted by the lack of ownership and responsibility on Evernote's part. Suggesting that this isn't a problem because we can bend over backwards to use ridiculous workarounds that don't actually give us the desired results is just awful. I'd much rather hear someone from EN saying, "yeah, this should be easy but it isn't, and we honestly just don't have an answer yet." Or even better, pay a developer for the 4 hours of work it would take to add this. Further, if Evernote is still an up-and-coming young company, they've lost steam. When you're not going up, you're going down: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=evernote
  8. I decided to reinstall Evernote just to take a video of the difference between resizing an image in OneNote vs Evernote. However, when I right click an image and choose "Open With... > Choose Program", nothing happens. It had worked previously. I dunno. Anyway, if it WAS working, I'd have no WYSIWYG editing. I'd have to open it in another app (say, MS Paint), modify it, save it, go back to EN, and see if I guessed the right size. Evernote, it seems, isn't about elegant note taking. In OneNote (or Word, or LibreOffice Writer, or any text editor with any image capabilities except Evernote since 1992 and several that are older), I'd just drag. Look, this issue is old. NO ONE who cares about this is going to use MS Paint. It's more bother than it's worth. I might as well just use Notepad or TextEdit in Dropbox to keep my notes. If Evernote has a solution for the people who take issue with this missing feature, great. Using an external program has worked for exactly zero people in this thread, so just stop pretending that's a real answer.
  9. The easier solution for me has been to use OneNote. It's had this ultra-simple functionality for over a decade. By Unix style, I was thinking more along the lines of how each tool does one thing well and connects easily to the next tool with pipes, not so much app invokation. The way Evernote asks that you do this just isn't comfortable and results in imagines not being a part of my notes. Evernote staff can continue to pretend this isn't stupid but that won't get me to start using Evernote again. If the fix people are talking about that just came to the Mac app hits Windows, I'll be more than happy to come back to Evernote!
  10. Almost all of my notes have one or two images, so I need to be able to resize images in my notes. I love Evernote but because there is absolutely no convenient way to do this, I naturally have to use OneNote for all of my notes. BurgersNFries suggests we use a dedicated app for image manipulation. Generally, I like this unix style approach; however, unlike unix tools, the integration between Evernote and any image editing app out today is dismal. Someone once suggested I edit an image in Skitch. Skitch took something like 20 seconds to start. By the time I got it open, had the image I wanted, and was ready to go, I'd forgotten why I'd opened Skitch to begin with. Either put in some excellent integration with a dedicated image editing tool or take the couple of dev hours to make pictures go bigger or littler, just like every Windows 3.1 app could do. Because so far, I'm just telling people Evernote is pretty, but OneNote works. And suggesting that users don't understand their own problems doesn't actually solve any problems.
  11. I think it's pretty funny that this feature still hasn't been implemented. This is something that every single program in 1995 could do, yet it has yet to make it to Evernote. It is literally the only thing that has kept me on OneNote instead of EN for several years now. Resizing in another app is ridiculous, slow, and clunky. I want to click, drag, and be done. I do NOT want to right click, click Open With..., select an app, open the app, resize the imagine inside this new app where I can't see the image in context, save, close, then go back to Evernote. I've been encouraged to Open With Skitch. That app on Windows is... slow. So slow. And awful with resizing images. I want this feature. I want it on my phone, tablet, and desktop. I want it because every app does it except Evernote. I haven't actually used Evernote in years because of this one feature. I try every once in a while. I like EN. Just... deal breaker, guys!
  12. I've been waiting for *something* to be done about this for longer than I can remember. I demo'ed Evernote for my department and they shot it down because this missing feature makes Evernote not fit for us. If the 15 of us ever started using it, it could have spread throughout our 2000 person company. I'm honestly a little offended by the official response from Evernote people. Round-trip to Skitch is even more time consuming than editing in an external program and resizing skinny text (like, say, on a whiteboard or screen shot) to even 95% of its original size makes it illegible. Rather than point out non-solutions, I'd prefer to hear that either Evernote doesn't want to fix this problem because of some given reason, or that they're working on it. As-is, inserting images is klunky. The auto-resize does NOT help. If I take an 8MP photo and add it to a note, that note scrolls like a 1992 web page on Prodigy. The tone of the responses so far from Evernote is a little embarassing.
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