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  1. I love Reminders (just started using Evernote as my task manager), but Reminders on the desktop seems a little wonky: 1) Create a note with a task, tap Reminder 2) Task shows up in Reminder pane at the top of the notebook pane 3) Finish task, click checkmark in Reminder pane Task still kind of refuses to die. Ok fine, I can click off on "Show completed reminders," but it's still there in hidden, or when the completed reminders pop back on. Seems that this view is going to get messy very fast. The reminder icon on the note is back to grey, like it never happened, but it is still cruft to me in the reminders list. If I want to delete the reminder forever I have to 1) Go to the note 2) Make a new Reminder, 3) Clear that Reminder - definitely not a perfect solution. Idea: Can the completed reminders disappear after a day? This isn't a problem on iPhone/iPad - when you click "done" on a reminder there, they are just gone
  2. Yeah, it's really frustrating, just hangs forever after hitting "Save" over and over lately. OSX Mavericks 10.9.1 Chrome 31.0.1650.63 Sample site of pain: http://lifehacker.com/5989980/ive-been-using-evernote-all-wrong-heres-why-its-actually-amazing
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