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  1. To respond to your earlier request for when it happens, I re-enabled the clipper, then found the scattered UI bits splashed all over the YouTube site. I think I had flashblock disabled, but not sure. When it does happen, clicking the icon/toolbar button seems to do nothing, but that apparenty is because the UI is already up and flung about, but active. I can enter text into an input field at least. Didn't try it extensively, but I clicked into an edit control and it was enabled.
  2. I'm using Chrome plug-in on Mac OSX Mt. Lion. With the clipper enabled, I've been randomly (seemingly) running into situations where the Evernote UI elements, e.g. dropdown menus, options panels, selection panes, whatever, show up scattered throughout the web page I'm browsing. They are just floating around like someone hit the UI with a sledgehammer and all the pieces scattered on the table. I disabled the clipper so it would get the heck out of the way, then re-enabled when I really wanted to clip something. Clicking the button did nothing, multiple times. Subsequently the aforementioned chaos ensued. Would there be a conflict with adblock or flashblock plugins?
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