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  1. You're missing the point. Let us opt-out of Work Chat completely. Evernote struggles to convert "free" users to paid users then shoves spammy functionality down the throat of the paying user. I'm really impressed with the improvements to the Web UI, honestly it's quite beautiful, but Work Chat must go.
  2. It's possible to share link to a note directly without using chat. I've managed to get rid of the buttons on OS X, but it's still on iOS. There are actually 2 chat buttons I can't get rid of. It's a waste of UI space and I don't like having unneeded buttons on the screen. I however feel that I should not need to customise the GUI on each device I use. I want a global Evernote account option to disable chat. I want it completely gone from my account. It should be simple, it's a 0 or a 1 in a database. If set to 0 don't show the buttons or options. if set to 1 show all of the chat options.
  3. Let me start off by saying I think more businesses need to use IM instead of Email as their primary form of internal communication, so I think it's interesting that Evernote decided to build a chat. I do however feel being 'opted in' to a chat ecosystem that I did not want to be part of is not ideal. I have Slack, Skype, Hangouts, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter all demanding attention yet serving a distinct purpose. I respect that some people might want to, and might actually even fall in love with Work Chat. I however personally would like the option to disable it. I'd like to be able to log into the web interface, select Work Chat and simply disable it on my account. I would then like all buttons and call to actions relating to it to be hidden from the iOS, Mac and Windows User Interfaces so that I'm not constantly spammed by buttons I will never use. ==== Honestly though, Sync is horrendous at the moment and I feel that time spent on chat would have been better spent fixing the buggy sync system, adding Markdown support, improving encryption at rest or adding the option to view notes in 'night mode' with light text on a dark background instead of black text on a white background. Focus needs to be given to Evernote Core and not spent on non-core features when core is suffering. Thank you A loyal premium user.
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