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  1. Linda, Thanks for the info. I also prefer writing with pen (fountain pen) and paper. It just doesn't feel that same on the iPad, but I'm trying to make it work. I'm now back and forth between notebook and pad, which is not efficient at all. I'm hoping for improvements. Tim
  2. Rocks - thanks for the suggestions. I think the use of Skitch is the closest to what I want. It's still a bit clunky, but it may work. I haven't tried it yet. It's what I'm looking for though - copy a line out of my notes and create a note/task with it. You would think that since Evernote owns Skitch and Penultimate, they could figure out a one step way to do it. Linda - what do you hate about the disk? It's a little noisy, but I can't use those big rubber tips. What is the writer that you like? Do you mean the Adonit Script? Or is there another similar type of stylus?
  3. I'm using an Adonit Jot Pro. I find it is much better than the rubber tipped stylus I started with. If your not familiar with it, it has a clear disk that pivots on the end of a point. I think it's as close as you can get to a normal tipped pen.
  4. I currently use Penultimate on an IPad for work. I use it mainly for notes during meetings. I would like to be able to create a note in Evernote from an individual note in my Penultimate notebook. I envision this as selecting (copying) a specific area from my notebook (a line, a sketch, ...) and creating a new note in Evernote with this selection in the body of the new note. This would be, in effect, creating a note using what is on the clipboard. This would truly integrate Penultimate with Evernote. If this can be done now, please let me know how. I am using these notes as tasks in a GTD system. As it is now, I review my notes in my notebooks and create the notes/tasks manually. Does anyone else think this would be a good feature?
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