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  1. Long term EN user & forum reader- new register to forum to highlight a crystal clear view for EN as to user experience. Laaurora has eloquently expressed how I feel also: I use this product, as originally pitched, and as used by a number of 'power' users here on the forum, as my external brain. It concerns me that my external brain may start 'forgetting' how to do things it used to do easily; I already have my internal brain to do that! Some of the new features are (currently) of no interest to me - e.g. chat, I don't want anyone else in my brain. However, provided they do not get in my way, I'm happy to ignore them and continue on, provided that the existing functionality continues to exist. Who knows, perhaps in time I may find a use or interest in those new features, and they'll be there for me when and if that occurs. BUT - If you remove the functionality I need/use, then your product becomes not relevant for my purpose - you lose a customer, rather than taking me with you.
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