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  1. Hi @jemostrom! Fast account switching is something we're considering for a future version of the iOS application. No ETA as of yet, but it's on our radar for sure. As someone who works with data retention and compliance issues I think this is a must have, especially for those of us who work in business that require us to segregate our business and personal data. I know some of the Evernote purists are against separate accounts; however, commingling personal and business data can be extremely problematic long term (e.g., users may find folks like me collecting all of their notebooks as evidence, including personal notebooks, if their business or employer is ever involved in a civli law-suite). The business account option gets me almost where I need to be, but there are a lot of us who really need to create and share more than one business account to make that viable (e.g., I work as a manager / consultant for law firm A, serve on the board of advisors for company B, and teach electronic evidence and data security classes for company C).
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