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  1. Why doesn't Evernote acknowledge this DEFECT? I will soon jump ship to One Note as I have moved to Windows 10
  2. Thanks Gazumped for taking the time to write it up in such detail. Since I have already been sucessful I did not read your PDF instructions to compare them with what I did and what actually worked fror me. For Oisin75 and others with Touch Screen machines Note that the fix to my machine which was done using the instructions from Bart van As (post number 89) worked. Additionally for you and other touch screen users like me, it works very well with Evernote using the touchscreen on my Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus
  3. So I finally got this working. No thanks to Evernote It is really as simple as it is described above Download / copy the file shown here and the paste it into a text editor save it as instructed in the Evernote folder Make the registry changes.Note that in my case I do not have to start Evernote from the command prompt to get this workaround to work. Every time that I launch Evernote from the Windows 8.1 tiles Evernote stars correctly with the improved scaling. If somone will tell me where I can acceess my media library I will upload a screen shot of what my registry looked like AFTER the changes were made to the registry. That should help most of you. Remember that before you mess around in your registry tht you MUST set a system restore point that you can use if you need to back out of this if it does not work. Ken 202 378 4868
  4. I am one of the long time posters in this string. I need some help here. I expect that I am not alone in this. Would one of you who has more knowledge and has also had more success with this work around than me write down the "How To" from begining to end. This work around has developed over that past month and has been shared in bits and pices. despite repeated efforts, I have not been able to put all of the pieces together. I have done the manifest thing and I have tried to launch Evernote from the command prompt and I cannot get it to launch. Please lay the whole process out step by step with some screen shots. I am using Windows 8.1 on a 3200 X 1800 screen on an Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus
  5. This is getting OLD. I may just give up on Evernote and the poor quality of Evernote's service and migrate to One Note By the way; Microsoft One Note looks AWESOME on my 3200 X 1800 Ativ Book 9 Plus Evenote Touch BLOWS! It is a non starter with its LAME and LIMITED functionality and CLUMSY UI. I am a paying PREMIUM customer and yet I still cannot get the satisfaction of an honest and stright forward reply from anyone above the rank of mail room clerk at Evernote. What happened to Phil Libin's honest and straight forward reply to Evernote's quality problems at the end of last year? Yes Phil you have improved the stability and quality but you still have to address the quality of your interactions with your customers and you are not listening to and replying to their input. We call it having a dialogue with your customers. Just ignoring your users is not my idea of providing quality. Is it yours?
  6. I violently agree with Law Guy I have a Samsung ATIV Book9 + with a 3200 X 1900 screen. Evernote is USELESS on my HOT new laptop. Evernote Touch sucks for now with its clunky unfriendly UI; so we need to see this fixed ASAP. Google has a Hi DPI screen beta fix already out for Chrome. That has really improved my life. You can find it with this link. http://www.bit-101.com/blog/?p=3902 But I am screwed every time I try to read my notes. HELP!!!!! Ken www.urqui.com
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