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  1. i checked the search grammar and it diesnt say anything about propability enhanced search..i am sure time is not enough since many otes lose its time significane...like facutal data....soo...
  2. for poeple who had typed thousands of notes in evernote...,many tabs are shared by alot of notes...so when you search notes in certain tag...many will appear..and even if you type 2 tags the notes will appear in most recent order not the one with highest number of matching tags..i sufgest that notes should be listed with the one matching the highest number of tags first...
  3. That would be wonderful,also I am thinking of a Evernote specific gadget with eink colored screen just for note taking and just for Evernote like amazon kindle..and should be sold for a cheap price..the current problem with Evernote is that it is not always there I mean not available as readily as someone needs it to be.for example I am playing a game and an idea comes up I want to upload it to Evernote,the mlutistep process hinders me from doing that.
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