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  1. It does link to it and I get their LinkedIn profile, however there is no way to send a connection request.
  2. On the Evernote Mobile App when you scan in a business card, there is an option to send a LinkedIn request. The new Scannable app is amazing and makes bulk scanning email cards almost magical. However, I can't find any way to send a LinkedIn request from the scanned card. It's doing everything else...even pulling the LinkedIn data when it finds a match. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I love this new feature, except for one big problem- that you can't add fields that are missed during the scan. For example- cards I have been scanning have been regularly missing the business name on the card. In cases where the person is not in LinkedIn, I can't manually add the business name field, only correct the fields that Evernote finds on the first pass. After the card has been saved, I can add the business name, but by that point, the contact has already been created, so that means I have to now edit everything TWICE- once evernote and then again in the contacts app. Am I missing something?
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