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  1. Highlight text in a table and change the background color. If you want to un-highlight the text, the background color is gone, but text is highlighted
  2. I have no video capture app and a normal video is about 40 MB, but I made a screenshot. If you highlight test like this, you can press the button and it keeps highlighted. I think that not intended. Please remove another "feature". In older versions I can expand and collapse notebooks lists on the left side with one single click. Now I need a double click. By mistake it can now easily happen that I change the notebook instead of just expanding it in order to move one note.
  3. If I highlight text in several cells of a table with yellow they get highlighted. But if I un-highlight them, they keep yellow. I have to select the text of each cell and un-highlight them.
  4. When I want to close Evernote on iMac, it did not shut down, but no indication of any sync effort. After a while I force quit the app. Same next day. At the same day I had a problem with Devonthink. Devonthink needed about 10 hours to import an email account. I already imported this account before and it only last 30 minutes. After deinstalling Evernote beta and installing last final Evernote version Devonthink was much more responsive again. I suspect Evernote was busy in the background all the time
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