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  1. What happen to Evernote support? What a mess of a support policy... So let me get this right, you cannot contact support without your account being active and being able to log into it, and you cannot reset your password without you account being active and logged in plus 5 unique words from your past notes. Well, I thought this was why I was using Evernote to begin with. Their script cannot identify me and I have no way to contact support. What a mess. I had to create a throw away temporary account just to contact support which probably will not help any way. This is not an acceptable support policy for the users of Evernote. They should at least have a way to contact support without having to log into your account because if your having issues like I did, you cannot and your just out of luck. I've realized they've had some problems with hackers in the past but this alienates their users. They need to rethink this. Not very happy with them at the moment.
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