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  1. The Household notebook is not empty. [Edited] Well wait. I suppose I could just rename the existing Household notebook to something like "General," and then I'd have this: Household (stack) >>>Decorating (notebook) >>>General (notebook) I guess that should have been pretty obvious. I was startled when it wouldn't do what I expected, and then just got my brain twisted in knots.
  2. But then I end up with two things named Household. A stack named Household, containing a notebook named Household. I don't want that, but I do want a stack named Household that contains a notebook named Decorating. (I think I shouldn't have written the last sentence in my original post, that there's a cumbersome way to fix this, because now the more I get into it, the more confused I get, and I don't see how to fix it.) What I want: Household (stack) >>>Decorating (notebook) What I don't want: Household (stack) >>>Household (notebook) >>>Decorating (notebook)
  3. Say I already have two notebooks, one called Decorating, and another called Household. I now want to consolidate those by dragging Decorating into Household, so that Decorating becomes a sub-folder of Household. (Or, in Evernote terminology, there would now be a stack named Household containing a notebook named Decorating.) That is what I expect to happen, based on experience with every other computer folder system I've ever used (e.g. Windows, my email provider...). But that's not what happens. When I drag Decorating into Household, I end up with a new, unnamed stack that contains both Decorating AND Household. The problem is that Household IS the highest level. There is nothing that I want "Household" to be a member of, and yet that is what Evernote forces me to do. I understand that it's not impossible to repair this situation in order to get what I want in the end. But fixing it up manually seems quite cumbersome, compared to it working as expected in the first place.
  4. Personally, I don't like dark themes, never use them when there are options, and at times stop using websites altogether when everything is dark, dark, dark (am speaking to you, Flickr). HOWEVER, it would be fine with me if Evernote would provide a dark theme for those who prefer it, as long as they also keep the current theme, which I like.
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