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  1. Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager for my s1300i has stopped recognizing that Evernote for Mac is installed. It reports that it can't find or install EN, even though it's already running. This happens when I try to select either of the two Evernote icons (pdf or jpg). The other menu items seem to work--e.g., I can still save to Google or to a folder, and it can still save as an OCR-enabled PDF. So I can still drag them to Evernote after scanning to a folder. But those two Evernote icons just stopped working. I emailed EN, and the person replied that they only support the new ScanSnap for Evernote machine, and that I should just try uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote--other than that, sorry, can't help you. This seems to have happened approximately when I upgraded my OS to Mavericks; but I'm not sure it was exactly then. But the problem appeared on two different Macs at almost the same time; so I wonder if it's a problem with the OS. This is disappointing, since I think I've seen a number of people on various blogs complaining about a similar problem. I'd think that if Evernote wants to be seen as working well with a scanner, they'd try to support such a popular one. Also it's frustrating because it DID work, and suddenly stopped. Any suggestions?
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