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  1. Both separated now. No need to link them for me. Todoist is only for task management EN is only digital storage but used very little now I have integrated Google Drive to Todoist, as I am using this a lot more for digital storage and documents. (You can also put URL's into Todist, so could link to EN docs that way)
  2. I was attracted to TSW for GTD. I felt like I spent too much time managing tasks instead of doing tasks. Todoist is simple, easy, but less powerful, but does everything I need (easy capture of tasks with Chrome extension and Android easy add widget, Now/Next/Later taken care of with P1/P2/P3, projects to compartmentalise into different focuses). I feel like it is more fit for purpose for my needs...
  3. I was the Secret Weapon and EN (see earlier posts on this thread), but have now moved to Todoist. I have been using it for three months and have not looked backwards...
  4. I use a calendar (Google) for reminder and other dates. I thought the GTD method was to separate the two (dates live in a calendar, tasks live in a list)? I could be wrong Works for me
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